Sunday, September 16, 2018

Find Your Lost Or Stolen Smartphone Easily.

Find Your Lost Or Stolen Smartphone Easily.
Find Your Lost Or Stolen Smartphone Easily.

The smartphone has become an important part of the life of the people. People spend their most time on the smartphone. But if the smartphone is lost or stolen, life appears to be colorless. Today we're going to tell you some steps that will help you find your lost or stolen smartphone easily. If you lose your smartphone, data, photos and other essential stuff children worry. In this case, Apple users have the ' Find My Phone ' feature. So the same Android smartphone comes with the ' Find Your Phone ' feature. This feature tracks places and locations where you've been. Today we'll show you how Google Maps can help you find the location of your smartphone. You need to follow some important things to track location.

Find your smartphone from Google Maps

First of all, you must have a mobile, laptop or computer that has Internet connectivity in order to find the missing Android smartphone with the help of Google Maps. Also, you must remember the Gmail account ID and password

Let's tell you what steps you need to follow. 

First, type on Google. After that Google Maps will open, here you enter the Google ID that was linked to your lost smartphone.

After the ID sign-in, click on the top right 3 dots to see them. Then you will see the ' Your Timeline ' option. After you choose your Timeline option, you'll have to enter the year, month, and the day you want to see location history. After entering all the information, your location history is visible along the time. Let's say you can use this feature in Google Maps in an Android phone. Sign the same ID in Google Maps that were linked to your mobile. The way to use this feature in a handset is also a stuff. This feature will work right when your mobile and the location service features are on it

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