Friday, September 7, 2018

Google Go User Will Be Able To Listen Google Feeds Hindi And English

Google Go User Will Be Able To Listen Google Feeds Hindi And English
Google Go User Will Be Able To Listen Google Feeds Hindi And English

In the ' Google for India ' event held on Tuesday, Google has provided a number of features that have been prepared for the particular Indian user. The company announced the project Google Navlekha. Fast has been renamed to Google Pay. Also announced a number of features for Google go and Android (Go Edition). The most important announcement was for the Google go user. Now you'll be able to listen to the Google Go user webpage with artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Google also reported that Samsung will soon launch its first Android go smartphone in the Indian market, which was raised over the past week.

Google introduced two new features-bilingual Newsfeed and audio playback. Google has announced that Google feed will now be in Hindi with English as well. It will soon be on the Google Go platform. President Rajan Anadan, the vice-minister of Google India and South East Asia, wrote in a blog post. "The News of your choice in the search feed is now visible in English and Hindi. It would be possible to know what kind of news you like. "Remember that Google was informed to completely change its search app on a mobile phone in the past year. This was done for America. The new feature was named ' Google Feed '. The company had said it would be made available in other countries in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, audio playback is also a new feature that comes to Google go. This will allow the user to hear the webpage. Google says the new feature works with the help of natural language processing and speech synthesis AI. It comes with support for 28 languages. Support for languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, and Tamil. It will also work on the 2g network. In addition, Google said that AI will decide which parts of the webpage to read and who doesn't.

Google also reported that Indian brands like Micromax, Lava, Nokia, and Transition are making Android (Go edition) smartphones. The price will be as much as possible to reach the people.

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