Friday, September 7, 2018

How To Get Live Train Status On Whatsapp By PNR Number

How To Get Live Train Status On Whatsapp By PNR Number
How To Get Live Train Status On Whatsapp By PNR Number

People who travel from the Indian Railways often want to know the live running status of the train. If the waiting railway ticket is found, do not forget to check the PNR status. On behalf of the Indian Railways, this relationship has been in different facilities. You may wish to visit the IRCTC's website and work on it. These information is also available by calling the number 139. But the growing use of the smartphone forced IRCTC to build the app.

The difficulty is that you must download the Rail connect app to your smartphone for Live Train Status. Right there, the Rail Connect app to learn PNR Status. Many people complain that two-to-two apps are needed to gain information about a service. To address this problem, Indian Railways has partnered with the online travel website MakeMyTrip. This partnership will enable the user to Whatsapp PNR status and live train status by doing so.

This feature will take care of a few important things to exploit. Most important is that you have the latest version of Whatsapp. Also without internet connection there will be no work. If you know the status of your rail ticket, write the PNR number somewhere. If training is to know the live running status, keep the train number nearby.

MakeMyTrip Whatsapp number store in the phone

1. First open the dialer of your smartphone.

2. Type ' 7349389104 ' here. Let's say this is the official Whatsapp number of MakeMyTrip . Then save it in the contact.

3. Open WHATSAPP on your phone after you have stored this number in the phone. Then refresh the contact list.

4. Then search the number of MakeMyTrip to contact. Then open the Chat window of this number.

Do this to learn train status

1. Send the train number by typing in the chat window to know the live train status. For example, type 12309 to send to a chat.

2. Then you will get the live status of the train.

Let's say you won't be able to find any information about a train running a day earlier like the Rail Connect app. The information will only be available on that day.

How to check PNR

1. To check the status of the rail ticket, PNR in the Chat window by typing the PNR number after the space. For example, PNR 1234567890

2. Then you will get answers in PNR status extension.

Let's say that you have to take care of a few more things. The message MakeMyTrip that you sent is delivered to the WHATSAPP number. If you see two ticks next to message text, the message is delivered. Also MakeMyTrip all these information from IRCTC's servers. It might have been a little while to get a response.

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