Sunday, September 9, 2018

How To Unlock Any Android Phones In Just 10 Seconds

How To Unlock Any Android Phones In Just 10 Seconds
How To Unlock Any Android Phones In Just 10 Seconds

Usually, we use PIN or pattern passwords on the phone's home screen to protect our phone. Nowadays, face unlock is also being used as a feature of face unlock in a smartphone of Rs 6 thousand rupees. The expert believes that both the pin or the pattern should be hard to unlock so that someone cannot easily unblock your phone. There are times when you forget the phone's password. So let us today show you how to unlock the lock Android smartphone.

First Method:

First, type the URL from another phone or computer, and then click OK. Then login to your Gmail account with the phone you want to open the lock.

After logging in you'll get a list of all the smartphones that have your Gmail account login. Then select the phone you'd like to unlock or open the lock.

You'll now have the option to lock your phone on your screen. Click on it and now insert the new password as the PIN or pattern. The password for your smartphone's home screen will then change and your phone will be unlocked. However, it is important to have an Internet connection in the way that the phone is to be unlocked. Move to the next slide another way.

Second Method:

Another way is with the help of Google Assistant. If you've already set up your Google assistant and recorded your voice as well as clicking ' Unlock with Voice ' option, you can unlock your smartphone by just saying ' Ok Google '.

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